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Our Town Board Candidates:  Paula Randall for Supervisor; Lily Maira and Stan Main for Town Council
A Better  Choice for Riga
bonnie@rigademocrats.org    538-2951

 We meet the first Thursday of the month. In February that would be Thursday, February 6th.  The Designating caucuses are finished, and we will be out getting required signatures starting February 21st.  Please sign them if we ring your doorbell.  It is cold out there, and we would rather not be out having to do this.  These signatures are just to put the candidates on the ballot, it does not mean you will vote for them.  There will be plenty of opportunity to decide for yourself which is the best candidate.  Our next meeting will be Thursday, March 5th.  Any Democrat is welcome to attend.  Meetings are free.

As you can see from the banner in our heading, we had candidates for Town Board this year.  For a democracy to succeed, you need a choice of candidates.  We hope you considered our candidates to bring some difference of view point to town board.  Thank you for considering our candidates.

These are some the issues we would pursue if elected:
    A Community Center
    Improve Townwide Drainage
    Better Recycle Bins with Lids
    A Railroad Overpass on Sanford Road N
    Proactively Ban Fracking in Riga

Here is a look at our candidates:

Your ideas for any of our events are always welcome. This school year we meet the 1st Thursday of the month.    All meetings are at 7:00pm .  Please plan to come - any registered Democrat is welcome.  Meetings are free.

Our officers are:  Bonnie Loser - Chairman and Leader; John Loser - Treasurer; and Bill Shirtz - Secretary. 

The year 2019 was busy for us.  In July, we had a free pizza party for those on our contact list.  It was fun to taste pizzas from around the area.  Six different pizza shops were invited.   We had our annual summer picnic at our August  meeting.  We also had a booth in the Lion's Club Country Fair in August, and walked in their parade with some of our county-wide candidates.  Most of the candidates have come to our regular meetings to introduce themselves, and let us ask them questions.

At the end  August we had our annual progressive garden viewing party and saw 3 lovely gardens/properties here in Riga on a beautiful summer day.  We already have some plans for this next summer.

Then in September we had our yearly fund raising dinner and silent auction at Mill Creek Golf Club.  Before the election in November, we continued to distribute lawn signs and campaign literature. 

Tell us your issues.

We are always looking for more members to join the Riga Democratic Committee.  It is a good way to do your civic duty and meet folks, and potentially start your political career!

We represent the registered Democrats of Riga - over 800 of us. Our job is to provide the best local candidates for office and to help them get elected. By having a choice when you vote, we help keep local politics clean, honest, open, and diversified.

Any registered Democrat living or owning property in Riga is welcome!

We need your help and your ideas!  It's free! It's fun!  Just do what you can!

Thank you for supporting our dinner and silent auction this September.  The food was wonderful.  It was a magical evening!  Our Special Guest was Colleen Anderson, the newly elected Democratic Commissioner of Elections.  Folks came from Riga, Chili, Greece, and Penfield.

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Our Meeting Locations

Through June, 2020 at 7:00pm, we will be at our new regular meeting room, #3536 in the Churchville Chili Middle School enter door #24.  The room is on the left.  The Middle School is on the main campus off Fairbanks Road. It is the first building on the left.  We meet the first Thursday of the month so you can also attend the Town Board meetings on the 2nd Wednesdays of each month.  In July and August we meet at Churchville Park on N. Main Street near the East & West Lodges at 7 pm.  In case of rain we use the breezeway between the 2 connected Lodges.

Churchville-Chili Middle School 5-8

Churchville Park